Germy Johnson’s Stolen Skateboard now available in print!

After many months (off and on) of dealing with cyber-challenges, this week the all-new edition of Germy Johnson’s Stolen Skateboard is finally available in print! This, with deepest thanks to Richard, the computer-brilliant son of my good writer friend & colleague, Sharon Plumb Hamilton. For this release, Richard literally had to create a new cover template because Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) refused to do the job correctly!

Germy Johnson’s Stolen Skateboard is for ages 7-9. It was originally published in 1999 as “Skateboard Kids” by a press that soon afterwards went bankrupt. It feels GREAT to have it available again, with an all-new look, and MUCH better art by graphic artist Sandra Norman. In this novel for young readers, we deal with problem-solving (including dealing with the neighbourhood bully), friendship issues and loyalty, and family relationships … with some doses of humour throughout.


What do you think?

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