Boomer Lit

Don't Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice

Looking back at her teenage self as she searches for her own missing teenage daughter, Jan re-lives the tumult of 1967 in California, with the Viet Nam war protests, the threatening military draft, and being torn between the two idealistic young men who live next door. Don’t Think Twice captures the essence of the music and the spirit of those unsettled times.


2 thoughts on “Boomer Lit

  1. Fascinated to see Boomer Lit – there were a couple of us joking about the market for this on the HQN site but when I asked HQN about a new line they said not. I think there *is* a market and good to see this.


    • During our group meeting this past weekend, one member (in tune with the market) said she’d heard or read that Boomer Lit is now a thing of the past… All we can do is wait and see, I think, because that particular life stage is of young people striding out into the world – and perhaps finding it not to be in tune with their expectations while still living at home…?


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