Author: Alison Lohans
Publisher: Pearson (New Zealand) 2010
Series: Nitty Gritty Novels Series I

ISBN: 978-1-4425-2763-8

Connor Barclay is spending his Easter holidays on a cruise to Greece and Turkey. Awesome! True, his dad couldn’t come and he has to share a tiny crowded cabin with his mum and bratty little sister. But he has his favourite computer game, Doppelganger, to while away any downtime.

Oddly, though, some of Connor’s fellow passengers seem to regard him as a troublemaker and, when he goes ashore, shopkeepers yell at him in Greek and Turkish for no reason that he can see. Can it have something to do with the boy he saw who seemed to be wearing his favourite soccer shirt? The boy who looks exactly like him…

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14 thoughts on “Doppelganger

    • Hi, Charlie. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I think this happens to a lot of people, some of the time. I wish there were an easy answer or solution. Sometimes it helps to talk to other people about things we don’t feel good at…and sometimes they will share things that they are feeling discouraged about, too. None of us are ever perfect!
      For me, sometimes it’s been helpful to take a little bit of a break, and come back to it later. Talking to other people also helps me.
      I hope that feeling goes away soon, and you can feel more positive again. As we say here in Canada sometimes, “Don’t beat yourself up.”
      Best wishes to you. 🙂


      • I’m so glad that helped, Charlie 🙂 🙂 If you think about it, I think everyone has their own special talents, that they often overlook…the little things count, too.
        One of my books for much younger readers that’s coming out next year (here in Canada) is about a little guy named Tyler – probably about 7 years old – who wishes he could be a hero. His big brother is always “perfect” at what he does, so Tyler feels unhappy with himself a lot of the time. But he DOES find unusual ways of “being a hero”, where sometimes he outsmarts the class bully, eats raw onions on a dare, etc. (And it helps him sometimes when his old dog isn’t a hero, either :-)…)
        I had a feeling you were a student in NZ because there was some kind of web tag on the message you sent yesterday. I hope today has been a much better day for you 🙂


    • Hi, Carly,

      Thanks for your enquiry about teacher resources that go with Doppelganger!

      Unfortunately, I don’t have anything at this end. Just out of curiosity, have you found the “Talk About It” section at the back of the book useful with your students?

      All the best,


  1. Hi Alison,
    My name is Olivia and yesterday my group and I were shown your book Doppleganger. I have only read two chapters but I absolutey love it ! I can’t wait to read the rest of this book and others. You are such a talented writer.
    Thanks Olivia 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Nice to hear from you, Olivia! It’s always exciting to hear from readers who are reading – and enjoying! – one’s book 🙂 Doppelganger was fun to write – and you’ll see a few bits of things that actually happened (but were changed quite a lot) when I travelled in that area in 2008.
      Thanks for getting in touch, and happy reading!


  2. Hello Alison,
    My name is Kaitlin and i am 11 years old. Yesterday i was introduced to your book Doppelganger. Even though I have only read two chapters I am loving this book so far. I cant wait to read more of this book and more of your other fabulous books.

    Regards Kaitlin:)


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