Who Cares About Karen?

Who Cares About Karen?

Who Cares About Karen?

Author: Alison Lohans
Publisher: Scholastic Canada, 1983/1994

After their car plunges down a steep cliff into Suicide Gulch, five students try to survive in the bleak British Columbia mountains until one of them can climb back up the cliff to get help. For shy Karen, the days in the bush seem like years. Shelley, Karen’s “big sister” friend, is badly injured and needs help herself. Stanley can’t seem to knock off his clown act, even in an emergency. And Dave doesn’t seem to notice that Karen’s around. Then there’s Ward, who looks as if he could be triggered into one of his black rages by anything at all. Suddenly it’s Karen who has to handle everybody else’s problems…but who is there to care for her?

Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” List.

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