Germy Johnson’s Piano War

An all-new edition of Germy Johnson’s Piano War is now up on Amazon in ebook format, with wonderful art by Regina graphic artist Sandra Norman. This chapter book for young readers is for kids aged 7-9.

Germy Johnson’s Piano War is the second book in the newly updated Germy Johnson series. It follows Germy Johnson’s Stolen Skateboard, which has been available in ebook format for the past year and soon will be available in print.

In Germy Johnson’s Piano War, J.J.’s world is turned upside=down when his parents sign him up for piano lessons.

It turns out that J.J.’s friend Derek has to take lessons too. Since neither of the boys like the idea, they start making plans. When J.J. gets a black eye at his first lesson, this means war! Also, there’s a new boy at school – and Derek starts playing with him, instead! How can J.J. ever set things right?


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