Alison Lohans has done hundreds of school and library readings to children of all ages. She has also taught many workshops and writing courses.

You can book a reading through the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Author Readings program. You can also contact Alison directly to arrange a visit.


Email Alison at lohans <at> sasktel <dot> net.


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there.
    I am a teacher in Ottawa and have a student who is learning English, but wants to read your book, No Place For Kids. The problem is that he is having a hard time with some of the text, not necessarily the concepts. I wonder if this book is available as an audiobook so that he can follow along with the text as it’s being read to him?

    Thanks a lot,
    Riaz Mohammed


    • Hi, Riaz. I really appreciate your question here, and sincerely apologize for not having replied sooner. At the time I was in the thick of the Christmas rush which entailed a visit from a sister I hadn’t seen in some time, and now, since early January, I’ve been out of the country for a 3-week period. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any such audiobook – but it might be helpful to contact the publisher, Wandering Fox Books of Heritage House in Victoria. I fear that this reply will be far too late to be of any use to you … but so appreciate your using No Place for Kids with your student.


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