One writers’ group; three authors; 8 ebooks at 50% off on Smashwords

Three of us in one of my writing groups have a total of 8 ebooks available on Smashwords for 50% off until January 1. The links below will take you these terrific ebooks, with their coupon codes to get the 50% USD savings.

Interested in children’s ebooks on animals? Here are three, by my longtime friend, nature writer Gillian Richardson:

Speculative fiction for kids and young adults?
My friend Sharon Plumb has a truly unique and creative voice:
Also there’s my Timefall:

Last but not least, my two romances:

A relaxing read is a terrific way to spend the Christmas holidays!

Wishing each of you a very happy Christmas, and a fulfilling and healthy 2023!


Three romances featuring music!

A collaborative effort with two great friends!

The holidays are coming! Treat yourself to a musical romance that will sweep you off your feet. From the glamour of a 1970s rock band, to a heart-warming small city orchestra (and two adorable pups), to a classical love affair in a large city, there’s something for everyone. Better still, check out all three!

And remember…books make great gifts!

Strong as a Pharaoh is out!

What a surprise to find this box of hot-off-the-press books waiting at my front door – a week earlier than expected! It’s exciting to have Strong as a Pharaoh officially out and now in print. It’s available in both print and ebook formats: from BWL Publishing:; from Amazon: and also available on; from Smashwords:; and in Regina, from The Penny University Bookstore:

Many thanks to the great work done by Jude Pittman of BooksWeLove Publishing, and to my wonderful beta-readers: Judy R/Jana, Sharon, Laurel, Judy M., Sally/Liz, and Morgan.

More news on The 1-Dogpower Garden Team!

An exciting email came in this afternoon. The 1-Dogpower Garden Team has been named the first runner-up in the Animal/Pets category of the 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards! Profound thanks to my incredible “book team” of my talented artist cousin Gretchen Ehrsam, whose illustrations leap off the page of this fun story, and also to the wonderful Heather Nickel of Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, who brought her terrific expertise and creativity to this book. It was published in autumn 2021.

Sophie pulls Mom outside to show her the results of her idea on how to use dog Max’s love of digging in the ongoing battle with garden weeds.

A couple of wonderful book reviews!
5 stars – “Highly recommended”

STRONG AS A PHARAOH, coming June 1!

My second romance novel, Strong as a Pharaoh, will be released by BWL Publishing on June 1. This one is a contemporary “second chance” romance set during a tour of Egypt. It will be available from BWL Publishing and many other venues including Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

Egypt! What better place to break free of painful ruts and crippling memories of two disastrous first marriages?

Megan, a blocked mystery writer, signs on for a tour of this ancient world of temples, pyramids and pharaohs, desperately needing to re-create herself in the aftermath of the suicide of her emotionally abusive husband. She no longer needs a man in her life…she thinks….

Daniel, a professor and church music director, signs on for a tour of Egypt at the end of his sabbatical in Oxford. He loved his mentally-ill ex-wife, and still can’t understand why she left him all those years ago, taking their daughter with her.

Two kindred spirits meet overseas and keep finding new common ground, a growing attraction…and hidden secrets…as they visit Cairo and Luxor, then board a cruise ship on the Nile. But it’s not all glamor. Mummies look grisly; vendors are aggressive; and women are regarded as second-class citizens. Screams punctuate the night as memories surface in nightmares, and a nearby hot air balloon crash triggers more trauma. And who’d ever guess that the mentally-ill ex might show up on the same cruise ship, clearly no longer taking the medications that kept her stable? And that she even seems to want Daniel back…right when Megan and Daniel are discovering a new love that’s helping them learn to trust again.

Thrilling news for The 1-Dogpower Garden Team!

The short-lists for the 2022 Saskatchewan Book Awards have just been revealed, and The 1-Dogpower Garden Team has been listed as one of the finalists for the G. Murray & Edna Forbes Foundation Children’s Award Category! Additionally, a new 5-star review has just appeared in CM Magazine:
Deepest thanks to publisher Heather Nickel, and to my artist-cousin Gretchen Ehrsam, for being such an amazing “book team” who brought The 1-Dogpower Garden Team so vividly to life!

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