Author Copies of Timefall have arrived!


Greetings from Regina! I’m excited to have just received my author copies of Timefall from Five Rivers Publishing. This prairies-based YA fantasy is available for pre-order in paper and e-format now, but the release date is September 1.

Timefall (402 pages in length) is an omnibus combined edition of two YA fantasy novels – Collapse of the Veil, and Crossings – previously released by another Canadian publisher, but now out of print.

Timefall features Katie, a teen mom in present-day Regina whose baby is the long-sought mythic hero of a society a thousand years in our future. Via psychic powers and time travel, Katie inadvertently crosses paths with Iannik, a young Seer with flawed Sight, last of his line in the dwindling population of Aaurenan. Iannik is desperately seeking the baby who offers their only hope for survival. Can three misfit teens and one baby manage to save at least one of their two very different worlds?


The photo below was taken in Victoria Park, downtown Regina, the day the books arrived. This area was destroyed by Regina’s 1912 tornado. Could something similar – only worse – happen in Timefall?

IMG_6650 with Timefall


What do you think?

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