One of my poems “Immigrant, Landed” in 150+ Canada’s History in Poetry


Every now and then a poem of mine will get published. About ten years ago I was thrilled to be invited to write, and submit, a poem for inclusion in Crossing Lines – Poets Who Came to Canada in the Vietnam War Era (Seraphim Editions, 2008, ed. Allan Briesmaster and Steven Michael Berzensky).

I submitted a poem “Immigrant, Landed” about the very intense feeling of homecoming I experienced upon immigrating to Canada in 1971. It was really great to have that poem included in the collection – particularly since poetry has never been my main genre.

It was an amazing surprise, last year, to receive a request for my poem to be used again in a “Canada 150” project by Acorn Press of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I very happily agreed. My author copies arrived yesterday – a few months earlier than I’d expected. 150+ Canada’s History in Poetry (edited by Judy Gaudet) is a huge collection of poems documenting Canada’s history from the pre-colonial days when First Nations Peoples were the only residents of this land we now know as Canada, up to and including the 2018 Olympics.

It’s an incredible honour to have “Immigrant, Landed” included in this collection, which contains work by so many of Canada’s Very Famous Poets, as well as other literary “greats”.



2 thoughts on “One of my poems “Immigrant, Landed” in 150+ Canada’s History in Poetry

    • Thanks, so much, Regine! As you well know, this business can be all over the place with its ups and downs. I hope all’s going well at your end!


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