Coming soon

One of my ongoing projects these past several months is to get my novel Timefall up and going again (as an ebook, and print-on-demand) after its publisher sadly had to shut down due to pandemic issues. It’s been a complicated learning curve on my part and there are still some things I have to do. But here’s the new cover!! My extreme gratitude to talented graphic artist Sandra Norman for her wonderful work!

The blurb for Timefall:

“Two worlds sit on the brink of collapse. Katie, a teen mom, is trying to hold things together – but suddenly falls into another world. Iannik is last in a long line of Seers – with flawed Sight. Can he summon the infant T’laaure from the distant past, to save Aaurenan? Is Katie’s baby the one who holds all the answers?”

Finalist, 2019 Prix Aurora Award, Young Adult Novel

5-star review on Amazon


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