First completed illustration for “The 1-Dogpower Garden Team”!

Work is moving ahead toward the 2021 release of “The 1-Dogpower Garden Team”, to be illustrated by my talented artist cousin Gretchen Ehrsam – with Heather Nickel of Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing at the helm.
Gretchen sent me the first completed illustration about a week ago. Her process is complicated: she does lino-prints, first carving the art into linoleum blocks, and then printing the work.
The scene here takes place about a third of the way through the book.

Anecdotes on being an “old” writer

Facebook has a fun way of reminding us of past events, through the daily “memories” it shows us. The one that came up today is particularly fun:

From November 30, 2017:
Had another fun aspect of being an “old” author today 🙂 At today’s book table, a couple of 20-something young women stopped by for a look. One saw my books & said to the other, “She came to our school.” “That’s me,” I said…. “OH!!! Did you come to St. Pius School?” Me: “Yes. About 15 years ago?” “Yes! I still have this book, and this one, and this one….” 🙂

And at a dinner night-before-last, the woman beside me and I had introduced ourselves on a first name basis. About 30 minutes later, she happened to say, “Are you Alison Lohans, the author? I know of your books….”

It happened in October, too, at a choir rehearsal….

And another episode last spring when re-validating my library card: the young man at that desk looked at my card & said, “Are you the Alison Lohans who wrote Mystery of the Lunchbox Criminal?” Me: “Yes…” Him: “You came to our school!” …. this for a book published in 1990….

I guess I actually do exist!

The newest review of Timefall

Thanks so much, Loretta Polischuk, for your great review of Timefall!

Top review from Canada

Loretta Polischuk5.0 out of 5 stars A mind-bending futuristic novel
Reviewed in Canada on November 13, 2020
The earth and humanity are hanging by a thread, both in the present and thousands of years into the future. Thrown into, and between, these two devastating times are Katie, a teenage unwed mother, her small son, Tyler, and a classmate Lorne.

While dealing with their own daily issues of bullying, family disruptions and personal relationships, the three of them timefall into the future life of the young Seer, Iannik. Together, they must all face the challenge of saving the world called Aaurenan and what’s left of the human race.

Written as a YA novel, Timefall also deals with adult issues. Alison Lohans has masterfully woven a fantastical tale; it is both thought-provoking and mind-bending. An intense read!

Timefall e-book is now available on Amazon!

A week has passed since I clicked “Publish” for the new e-edition of Timefall.

My deepest thanks to all who’ve helped me along the way, at the various stages of this book’s varied life. Most recently, huge thanks go to Linda Aksomitis and all the others in our online course on e-publishing – Dianne Young, Sharon Plumb, Judith Silverthorne, and Gillian Richardson.

The amazing cover of this new e-version was created by Regina graphic artist Sandra Norman – so to Sandra as well, my heartfelt thanks!

Why not take a look, and check it out!

Coming soon

One of my ongoing projects these past several months is to get my novel Timefall up and going again (as an ebook, and print-on-demand) after its publisher sadly had to shut down due to pandemic issues. It’s been a complicated learning curve on my part and there are still some things I have to do. But here’s the new cover!! My extreme gratitude to talented graphic artist Sandra Norman for her wonderful work!

The blurb for Timefall:

“Two worlds sit on the brink of collapse. Katie, a teen mom, is trying to hold things together – but suddenly falls into another world. Iannik is last in a long line of Seers – with flawed Sight. Can he summon the infant T’laaure from the distant past, to save Aaurenan? Is Katie’s baby the one who holds all the answers?”

Finalist, 2019 Prix Aurora Award, Young Adult Novel

5-star review on Amazon