Dog-themed signing! Two new books, November 6

The 1-Dogpower Garden Team!

Sophie loves her dog Max, and Max loves Sophie. But Max also loves to dig… How can Sophie get Max to quit digging in Mom’s garden? Picture book illustrated by Gretchen Ehrsam, published by Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, September 1, 2021. Suitable for grades K-2. $14.95

Canine Cupid!

Kara, an elementary school teacher, is floundering with a mountain of fraudulent debt, left by her conman ex-husband. How can she stay afloat, let alone even think about a new relationship? Meanwhile, Peter is still grieving the tragic loss of his beloved wife and daughter – but his self-centred widowed mother keeps upping her incessant, unreasonable demands. The last thing he wants is another relationship. But a stray dog runs out into traffic, and Kara slams on the brakes to avoid hitting him. Peter rear-ends Kara. And everything suddenly starts to change…. A romance novel published by BWL Publishing, July 1, 2021. $16.99

I’ll be signing both books at Regina’s THE PENNY UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE at 3104 – 13th Avenue, opposite Holy Rosary Cathedral on Saturday, November 6, between 2 and 4 pm. Everyone is welcome!


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