The 1-Dogpower Garden Team is out!

A Fedex truck arrived today at exactly the same time that my neighbour Keira showed up to walk my dog Sebastian. The 1-Dogpower Garden Team, illustrated by my cousin Gretchen Ehrsam, and published by Heather Nickel of Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing, is in memory of Sebastian’s “brother” Bailey, both of them adopted from the Regina Humane Society in September, 2010. Bailey’s enthusiasm for digging was put to work (by me) as a way of digging up garden weeds. Bailey, an Aussie Shepherd, loved playing this game in the summer of 2018 – and a year later, remembered it and wanted to do it again.

The 1-Dogpower Garden Team will soon be available for order from Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing for $14.95.


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