A lot of emails have been flying back and forth over the past couple of days. BWL Publishing had scheduled my first romance novel, “Lost and Found Dog”, for release in February, 2022.

However, there was a sudden change at their end. First thing yesterday morning (May 18), they wondered if it would work for the book to be published in July, instead! So a lot of work has been going on to finalize everything quickly, including the creation of a cover.

Last night they told me the title really should be changed. This was not a surprise, because publishers often have excellent ideas about what titles work best. I started thinking of new possibilities, but hadn’t come up with anything special. At the same time, publisher Jude and cover designer Michelle were brainstorming too.

This afternoon, a great email came in. Between the two of them, they came up with CANINE CUPID as a possibility. What did I think of that?? I love it!

Canine Cupid will now be out on July 1, 2021! What a lovely way to celebrate Canada Day! Thanks so much to Jude and Michelle, for your brilliant idea!


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