Anecdotes on being an “old” writer

Facebook has a fun way of reminding us of past events, through the daily “memories” it shows us. The one that came up today is particularly fun:

From November 30, 2017:
Had another fun aspect of being an “old” author today 🙂 At today’s book table, a couple of 20-something young women stopped by for a look. One saw my books & said to the other, “She came to our school.” “That’s me,” I said…. “OH!!! Did you come to St. Pius School?” Me: “Yes. About 15 years ago?” “Yes! I still have this book, and this one, and this one….” 🙂

And at a dinner night-before-last, the woman beside me and I had introduced ourselves on a first name basis. About 30 minutes later, she happened to say, “Are you Alison Lohans, the author? I know of your books….”

It happened in October, too, at a choir rehearsal….

And another episode last spring when re-validating my library card: the young man at that desk looked at my card & said, “Are you the Alison Lohans who wrote Mystery of the Lunchbox Criminal?” Me: “Yes…” Him: “You came to our school!” …. this for a book published in 1990….

I guess I actually do exist!


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