The newest review of Timefall

Thanks so much, Loretta Polischuk, for your great review of Timefall!

Top review from Canada

Loretta Polischuk5.0 out of 5 stars A mind-bending futuristic novel
Reviewed in Canada on November 13, 2020
The earth and humanity are hanging by a thread, both in the present and thousands of years into the future. Thrown into, and between, these two devastating times are Katie, a teenage unwed mother, her small son, Tyler, and a classmate Lorne.

While dealing with their own daily issues of bullying, family disruptions and personal relationships, the three of them timefall into the future life of the young Seer, Iannik. Together, they must all face the challenge of saving the world called Aaurenan and what’s left of the human race.

Written as a YA novel, Timefall also deals with adult issues. Alison Lohans has masterfully woven a fantastical tale; it is both thought-provoking and mind-bending. An intense read!


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