Another gratifying surprise!

A bit of good news showed up in today’s email inbox!

Because this concerns another much-loved piece that’s literally been bouncing around the marketplace for 12 years, I couldn’t resist saying something.

Saskatchewan’s Tisdale Writers’ Group sponsors an annual literary competition. Last year, I entered my (also “market-battered”) creative nonfiction piece, “This Place of My Father’s Heart” – which won Third Place in the 2018 prose competition.

This year I entered a young adult sci-fi story “Crystal Sister”, also very dear to my heart, and which has been making its way around the marketplace ever since 2007. Some of the rejections were near-misses with very favourable editorial comments, but never an acceptance.

So it was especially gratifying today to discover that “Crystal Sister” is also bringing home a Third Place. Another fun coincidence is that a woman in one of my Facebook writing groups, Loretta Polischuk, has just won Second for her short story.




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