A great review of Timefall!

A review of Timefall, just in from Cathy, a retired teacher in California – thanks so much, Cathy!!

"I just finished reading Timefall. Wow! Five stars.

Loved the characters, very complex personalities. The plot had lots of significant issues to think about. Reminded me of pioneers, and made me wonder what I would think to take along in a similar circumstance.

The ebook did not include a guide on name pronunciation, and I never was satisfied with my decisions on that.

I think this is one of those books that will stay with me for a long while as I think about the implications of the various issues.

Anyway, well done. You have a very scary imagination."

Trade paper (402 pages): $33.99, ISBN  9781988274461

e-pub: $4.99, ISBN  9781988274478


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