Janet Lunn

I was saddened to learn of the death of distinguished Canadian children’s author Janet Lunn, who was a generous mentor who helped shape my early work during her term as Writer-in-Residence at Regina Public Library, 1982-83. During that time Janet read virtually all of my work, offering good advice and friendship, and was there in her office when I ran in to show her my first published book. Thanks, Janet, for all that you offered.


2 thoughts on “Janet Lunn

  1. Alison, this is the first I’ve heard the sad news of Janet Lunn’s death. She was a judge in the first story I ever submitted to the SWG Short Manuscript Awards and I got an honourable mention. I met her again on a few occasions including when she was WIR in Regina. Such a wonderful writer and person.


    • Definitely a loss for Canadian literature, Regine. I wish the Leader-Post had mentioned her passing – which was on the same day as British author Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, and who received generous mention in the paper. I’ve written a letter to the editor expressing my sorrow at this major oversight. It’s really sad when “local” heroes are overlooked!


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